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About Claudia Cossío...

Born in Chicago, Illinois; Claudia was raised in México and found her way back to the States, moving to Houston ten years ago.

Raised in a musical family with her father, a successful jazz pianist, gave her the love of music that remained  with her throughout her life.

Starting with occasional lessons, given to her by her father, at a very young age, Claudia started taken formal piano lessons (at the age of 6) from Mrs. Mary Carmen Garza (San Luis, México) until the age of 21.

With her first lesson with Mrs. Garza, Claudia's natural talent and love for music began to shine through. Being one of Mrs. Garza's star students, Claudia participated in several local recitals in México.

After earning a degree in Business Administration at the Universidad de San Luis (San Luis, México), Claudia began her journey throughout the world as an employee of Aeroméxico. Through her journey, Claudia became fluent in French and Italian. However, the love of playing the piano was still her first priority.

As she continued to study piano with her new instructor, Mr. Luis Armando Elias in Mexico City, she began her second passion, teaching piano and music appreciation to the next generation.

In 2000, Claudia finally established a home in the city of Houston (the Clear Lake area). She was mesmerized by the wonderful families she had the opportunity to meet by teaching their children.

Claudia believes that music has no limits, and one can continue to learn, appreciate and enjoy all the benefits that music can bring into ones life. For this reason she continues her education with very experienced instructors including Mr. Thomas Wells, Ms. Geraldine Sharpley and her current instructors Ms. Gayle Roe (piano) and Mr. Lorento Golofeev (viola).

Claudia Cossio believes that each child in the world should be exposed to music and a musical instrument to better one’s life. She continues to strive to help each student reach their potential and enjoy their music.

Claudia Cossio

My Goals
  • Helping your children to develop love for music and their musical abilities.
  • Building a stronger self esteem by having this ability.
  • Raising up their brain capacity by practicing the most effective instrument. Since it's been proved that playing piano exercises both brain hemispheres.


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